Established in Tokyo in 1978, TOMORROWLAND has become a undeniable powerhouse with over 150 stores in Japan and over 500 million USD in sales. After a successful international launch in 2014, TOMORROWLAND is now sold at some of the most influential retailors around the globe.




CABaN is "Anti- Apparel"

CABaN debuted in Tokyo, Japan in the summer of 2018, the same year TOMORROWLAND celebrated its 40th Anniversary. 

Tomorrowland’s founder and acting CEO Hiroyuki Sasaki, has travelled the world working in manufacturing for more than 40 years. With great passion and detail, Sasaki makes it his mission to find new ways of celebrating individuality through clothing. Not only, does he work closely with his teams, from start to finish he’s involved with creating all collections, conceptual design and even the construction of Tomorrowland’s retail stores. 

 “What kind of clothing can ENRICH the lives of those who are energetic, intelligent and at the same time appreciate and have a sensibility for fashion?” - Sasaki

In 2016, Sasaki began searching for an answer to this question. After 2 years of deep contemplation, in 2018 he founded and launched CABaN.

Keeping within Tomorrowland’s quality and spirit of elegance and “Trad” (which is a Japanese term which celebrates western traditional, classic patterns and fashions), CABaN is playful and simple clothing that expresses individuality beyond gender, age and race. Its collections are characterized by color, pattern, unique shapes and balance.

In early 2019, CABaN opened its most recent store in Daikanyama. Soon after Daikanyama’s opening and adding to CABaN’s other existing locations in Marunouchi (Tokyo) and Kyoto, CABaN also opened retail locations in RoppongiShinjuku, and Futakotamagawa. CABaN pop-up shops are present in TOMORROWLAND stores (including New York) as well as Edition and Super A Market.

With “Anti-Apparel” as its slogan, CABaN challenges not getting caught up in the conventional ways of inventory, PR, marketing and the teams who create brands.




Further to championing their own labels above, TOMORROWLAND remains to this day a private family company and is the exclusive Japanese retail ( and distribution) partner to highly covetable brands such as: Dries Van Noten, ACNE Studios, Isabel Marant, James Perse and most recently Bareburger.



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