As size increase, naturally as a company, it becomes stable and conservative. 
We want to continue denying this. 
We do not want to forget the courage to deny stability and the will to start something new which if it is not for a small company it is hard to do. 
We want to continue to be a small company where every worker has the desire to express something and to make it come true. 

What we aim for is a small company 

Small is possible

In the small company which we are aiming for there is infinite possibility.
It is not impossible at all to keep growing as a corporation and still continue to be small.
We really believe that.




The essence of elegance is simplicity. Design, Quality, Originality, Culture, Interests, Dream

The essence of things with elegance and grace is simplicity. 

Our attitude towards creating things will never change. 
Whether that be clothing, shops or whatever. 
In pursuit of design, quality, originality, culture, interests and dream we
are tackling everything.
We value the sensitivity to accept anything new and the courage to take the first new step, the eye for beauty to ascertain the never changing essence and the effort to polish up essence towards further progress.

For us elegance, we believe, is a motivation to keep Tomorrowland growing which can never be achieved.




Our vision looked to the world aiming for creation of originality. 

If we are using print material we want to use the very best. 
If creating knitwear all you need to do is to go to a country with excellent skill. 
We want to collaborate with amazing talent.
With this simple and pure idea
we have expanded our network to Europe, Asia and then to the world.
We did not at all aim for the world strategically,
but as a result of pursuing the real thing and the essence which can realize the fussiness of Japanese people which is rooted in Japanese culture, we found the answer in the field called the world. 
The material, technique, designer and craftsmen which we have 
selected with our own eyes will provide a rich and deep attractiveness to 
all the creation of Tomorrowland which is different to any other and which 
no one can copy.



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